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Recommended tutorials before setting up local version

This set of guides will introduce you to using the stochasticx CLI to run jobs locally, on your own machine.

1. Sign in

Before you start, you need to log in using stochasticx Python package with your username and password.

stochasticx login --username "" --password "my_password"

Another way is to log in using Web interface if you have linked google account to our platform:

stochasticx login

After that command you will get a link to complete the login process. By clicking it you will be redirected to the Stochastic platform website where you can log in via google account.

2. Start the local engine


Make sure your system has the following before continuing:

  • Docker
  • stochasticx installed
stochasticx local init

This will download a Docker image and spin up a container with our acceleration platform running inside it.

3. Stop the container

stochasticx local stop

This will stop the Docker container which will need to be started again if you wish to use the platform.